The Coalition of Recreational Trails (CRTU) was formed by a partnership between Minnesota’s motorized recreational trail user communities. It is composed of:
  • The Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association (ARMCA)
  • The All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota (ATVAM)
  • The Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association (MN4WDA)
  • The Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MNUSA)
The CRTU shows that great things can be accomplished by recognizing the similarities of the organizations and working together. We have demonstrated that by being united, we can make a difference.

We have reached thousands of people with information regarding current riding areas and where they can ride. We work collectively with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

We believe that each and every motorized recreational rider can make a difference. If you are not currently involved in a club or organization that is working to keep our riding areas open, you need to join one or more of our member organizations that best suits your recreation of choice.
CRTU would like to thank the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative for their support of our educational trailer. More details